June 21, 2024

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Cornell Mills running for District 7 Council seat


Cornell Mills has officially entered the race for the District 7 seat vacated after the ouster of Chuck Turner.  Mills, a longtime Bostonian has deep ties with the Roxbury section of Boston. Mills has been hounded by reporters since his name circulated as a potential candidate and is expected to face media scrutiny and controversy as the son of former Senator Dianne Wilkerson.  Mills has told the Blackstonian that his focus is on the District and providing leadership for the community while navigating the political circles he has been organizing in for the last decade and a half.

The field of candidates thus far has grown to 12. The preliminary election is to be  held February 15th which will narrow the field to the final 2 candidates. The final election will be held March 15th.

Boston Globe Story

Field of candidates vying for Turner’s City Council seat keeps growing
December 26, 2010

The race to succeed Chuck Turner on the Boston City Council has gotten off to a curious start.
It sort of began in early November, when Turner was in limbo, still a member of the council but also freshly convicted of pocketing a $1,000 bribe.


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