June 23, 2024

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Appointed Leadership for District 7?

Appointed Leadership for District 7?
by Jamarhl Crawford Blackstonian Publisher/Editor

In review of all the latest information on the campaign trail it seems as if there is a strong push by outsiders to “pick” who is the next City Councillor of District 7.

A check of candidate Tito Jackson’s donors shows several heavy donors are influential politicians and business people who happen to live outside of the district. This begs the question, why are so many outside of the district so concerned about the outcome of this race? The Blackstonian will answer that shortly.

A press release from Tito Jackson’s campaign touts that the 1st Lady of Massachusetts Diane Patrick has endorsed Tito Jackson. Uhmmmm…. doesn’t Dianne Patrick live in Milton with the Governor who has not endorsed and stated “Tito hasn’t asked me for an endorsement and I have been admonished to stay out of local politics”?

Early on, Chuck Turner stated that “Tito Jackson would be a fine successor” which many have translated into a blanket endorsement for Tito Jackson. The fact is Chuck Turner made this statement prematurely, before others had entered the campaign, most notably Cornell Mills.  When asked, Chuck Turner stated “Tito never asked me for an endorsement.”  During the campaign Tito has downplayed his proximity to Chuck, barely making mention of the ousted Councillor unless asked directly.

The Blackstonian believes that the reason so many outside the district are concerned with the outcome of this campaign for District 7 is because we will either emerge with strong, outspoken, uncompromising leadership or we will have a Councillor who is pliable and easy to work with for the powers that be.

If money is pouring in from outside the district we find that puzzling.
Endorsements from Mrs. Patrick and others outside the District are insignificant as they don’t get to vote and do not live, work or organize in District 7.

What the community wants to see is how has the Tito Jackson campaign engaged the Black & Latino Residents of District 7. Big name endorsements hold little weight in such a personal and critical race. The residents of District 7 deserve a Councillor who will work and fight for them free of outside influence and not beholden to political benefactors.

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