July 13, 2024

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FBI Informants Destabilizing Boston Black Leadership?

FBI Informants Destabilizing Boston Black Leadership?

(Ron Wilburn, FBI Informant who was key witness in Turner, Wilkerson cases.)

By Blackstonian Publisher/Editor Jamarhl Crawford

It’s the ultimate What If Scenario… “What If” there was a program specifically focused in Boston to spy on and destabilize current and emerging Black/Latino leadership? Sounds crazy? Paranoid? Conspiracy Theory Maybe?

Well actually, we got a bit of a taste of the tip of the iceberg here in Boston during the much publicized trials of City Councillor Chuck Turner and State Senator Dianne Wilkerson.  The central figure in these cases was Ron WIlburn, Black Boston “Entrepreneur & Businessman” and simultaneously paid FBI Informant. So much so that he wore wires and logged over 100 hrs of video and audio surveillance.  Tens of thousands of documents were revealed during these trials and it showed many tactics in use by the FBI currently, which are reminiscent of the Cold War, Communist Witch Hunts and J. Edgar Hoover’s now infamous CoIntel Program.

What If?

As any of us who look up to certain figures and “leaders” we must ask ourselves “What If” there could be a traitor in our midst? “What If” the person we look up to is not who and what they purport to be? What about the people who have trusted in the church or school and put their faith in a preacher or teacher only to find out that children were molested or abused by their hands? What about the people that were so excited about their new job and then later find out the business that they are really in, which hurts their very community?

The Question is not “What If?” rather it is “Who?” There are most definitely those among us who look like us, who have been put into place for the sole purpose of hindering progress and reporting on those folks who give the powers that be cause for alarm. Right here in Boston there are those who are deeply entrenched and in leadership positions who have been under the employ of our open enemy.  Black Researcher/Lecturer Steve Cokely says “Name The Names” and has given us years of in depth study into the “Gate Keepers” exposing those who look like us but work against us.

This Sunday, Feb. 20th at 8pm CNN’s Soledad O’Brien (Black In America, Latino In America) will examine a text book case of a trusted person in Civil Rights who at the same time was an iconic figure and a FBI Paid Informant.  This Person is Ernest Withers, famed Civil Rights photographer who walked with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and photographed the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Emmett Till and the Little Rock 9.

Pictures Don’t Lie
CNN 8pm Sun. Feb. 20th

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