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Chuck Turner goes out roaring

Chuck Turner goes out roaring
By Colneth Smiley Jr.  |   Friday, March 25, 2011  |  http://www.bostonherald.com  |  Local Politics

Photo by Herald File

On the eve of his departure for a three-year prison sentence, Chuck Turner last night gave a barn-burning speech — billed as “Framing the Innocent” — to an overflow crowd of rapturous supporters at Northeastern University.

“If we’re allowing the prosecutors to target those who are speaking up and trying to bring justice and we’re allowing them to tear them down, then obviously we’re not going to be able to achieve our other objectives in terms of equity,” he said. “We can’t allow the system to be controlled by rogues who are operating in the interests of the oligarchy rather than the interests of the people of the country.”

The longtime city councilor was convicted last fall of accepting a bribe from an FBI informant.

His address — interrupted repeatedly by applause — drew 130 supporters inside and dozens outside the lecture-style classroom, and Turner exited to a crowd chanting “Chuck! Chuck!”

Turner told the waiting backers to visit supportchuck turner.com, and urged his former constituents to become his pen pals.

“I’m going to be sent to Hazleton Penetentiary, a minimum-security camp in front of the maximum-security prison,” in Bruceton Mills, W.Va., Turner said.

“I put my address in the (Bay State) Banner so people can write to me.”

The ex-councilor promised to write back.

“I intend to keep writing, particularly about things that are going on in Boston,” he said.

“I think sharing my perspectives with everyone will be helpful in terms of the community keeping together.”

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