July 22, 2024

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City of Boston: Unequal treatment of Black Events

PR fest

For those who have attended

Juneteenth – Roxbury Homecoming
The West Indian Carnival
as well as the
Puerto Rican Festival
Dominican Festival

I want to point this out. This year at Roxbury Juneteenth on June 18th, the stage was pointed away from crowd and the reason given by officials was that “the loud music disturbs the animals”…..

Flash forward to today where currently the Puerto Rican Festival is going on and from my house 5 blocks away down Humboldt Ave. I can hear the music blaring into the night, far louder than any music Black people were allowed to play. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it…. ad furthermore Puerto Rican and other Latino people are my Brothers & Sisters…. I just wish that the City of Boston would treat  the African-American and larger collective Black Community with a little more respect. How bout just equal respect.

Right now it is 8:43 PM and the Puerto Rican festival is in full swing…. Black gatherings are hurriedly shut down around 6pm by the City of Boston. Why the glaring disparity?

Call your local elected Officials
and call the Mayor’s hotline 617-635-4500 and ask for yourself!!!

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