July 22, 2024

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Gov. Deval Patrick

When: Sunday, July 24, 2011, 8:30 PM
Where: Global Ministries Christian Church, 670 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA. 02124

In some New England communities families look forward to graduations in the summer and sending their children off to school in the fall. WE ARE BURYING OUR CHILDREN In Boston too many families are making preparation to bury their children during the summer and raising money for a tombstone in the fall. Is there something wrong with this picture? WHERE ARE THE VOICES? The preachers are shockingly silent. The Boston Civil Rights groups are raising money for their cash flow and others are scrambling for grants that say to the churches that, if you take the money, you cannot "teach youth in the Black community about your faith. OUR GOVERNOR WILL SPEAK Now a leader has come forward to say that he may not have the answer to youth violence but he is willing to embrace our pain and hurt for the senseless loss of our children. A TOWN MEETING Governor Deval Patrick will host a Town Meeting at Boston Praise Radio on Sunday, July 24, 2011, 8:30 PM. Boston Praise Radio is a radio outreach ministry of the Global Ministries Christian Church, 670 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA. 02124. The church is opening its doors to allow the Governor direct access to the many hurting families in the city. IT IS NOT NORMAL Many of our politicians attend the funerals of the Black youth who are dying but they refuse to say that what is happening in the Black neighborhoods of Boston is of epic proportion. They refuse to say that it is not normal that Black families in our urban cities are burying their children at such an alarming rate. NO ONE IS SAYING WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID Many of the elected officials in Boston will not say what needs to be said to grieving families. Governor Patrick is "going out on a limb" to say that this will not continue under his watch. JULY 24th Govern Deval Patrick will say it on Sunday night, July 24, 2011, before a packed crowd on Boston Praise Radio at the Global Ministries Christian Church. YOU CAN HEAR IT LIVE This broadcast will be simulcast Locally, Nationally and Worldwide on various Internet-TV and Radio Stations. Airtime: 8:30 PM on the following stations. ********************************** 1). www.bostonpraiseradio.com 2). Glorystar Satellite Radio Channel 1010 3). www.Shoutcast.com, Search for Boston Praise Radio 4). www.ustream.TV, Search for Boston Praise Radio 5). www.winamp.com, Search for Boston Praise Radio Simulcast Airtime: 9:00 PM on: ********************************** 6). WRCA 1330 (25,000-Watts) AM Radio, www.1330wrca.com END Pastor Wall Pastor Bruce Wall Global Ministries Christian Church & Boston Praise Radio 670 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02124 617-282-7794, Office 617-283-9561, Cell 617-282-0685, Fax pastorbrucewall@aol.com, E-mail www.globalministriesboston.org Web www.bostonpraiseradio.com, Web

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