South Boston Politicians "We weren't contacted"


Jack Hart Bill Linehan

It has been widely circulated that the Grand Finale event for the Urban League Convention would feature 3 prominent Elected Officials from South Boston in a good will gesture to send off convention goers with a farewell from local sons of the hosting community of South Boston.

Those Elected Officials from South Boston purportedly were: Sen. Jack Hart, Rep. Nick Collins and Councillor Bill Linehan.

The Blackstonian recieved calls from:

Rep. Nick Collins
“I was never contacted. This is the first I am hearing of this”
(the Blackstonian is currently awaiting an official statement from Rep. Nick Collins)


Sen. Jack Hart
“I have an immense respect for Darnell Williams and the Urban League Convention is a great event for Boston.  I would have been pleased to participate but I was not contacted.”

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