Would you trust this man with your DNA?

Would you trust this man with your DNA?
Henry Louis Gates
Skip Gates promotes national DNA database project at Urban League convention

Prof. Skip Gates dropped by the National Urban League convention and encouraged thousands of Black convention goers to “Spit in a cup” to collect DNA for a database that is supposed to help reconnect African-Americans to their African ancestry. This project is called the African Genome Project out of Harvard’s DuBois Institute

In the words of Public Enemy’s Chuck D. “Can’t Trust it”

I am leery of any collection of Black People’s DNA by any government and/or corporate entity, and even more so suspicious when Skip Gates is promoting it and suggesting that its a good idea. Particulary when institutions like Harvard and corporation giants like Microsoft and Google are involved.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but time and time again what was once called “Conspiracy Theory” is later proven true. Examples: Cointelpro, Tuskegee Experiment, Black Wall Street, Hip-Hop Police, etc.

Before you answer the question of whether you want to trust Skip Gates advice on what is good for Black People, allow me to remind you of a few things….
This is the man who in expressing his outrage after his arrest asserted that he is not “some angry militant black nationalist type” and went further to prove his “safe status” by reminding us that “I was married to a white woman and my children are mulatto”.  This is also the same man who during his first experiment with DNA and African ancestry seemed pleased as punch to find out he had actual white blood coursing through his veins.  Since that time he has mentioned this in numerous interviews and lectures as a badge of honor.  There is much more evidence to show that you may not want to take Skip Gates advice on anything Black, but I will stop there and let you come to your own conclusions.

The databasing of Black African-American DNA is a very scary proposition with numerous potentially dangerous applications. Where is this DNA stored? Who has access to it? Could this be a part of a government project that at some point would be used against Black people? Do the research and make your own decision. As for me, I wouldn’t spit for Skip Gates. Matter of fact I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire.

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(Boston, 7/28/2011)
Skip Gates, in association with the DuBois Institute of Harvard University, the a2afoundation and “Sergio’s” financial support – Sergio is a Google co-founder – announced the availability of 10,000 FREE DNA TEST KITS FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS, a $399 value now being provided to 10,000 first come / first serve.


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