Perfect Time for a Police State in Boston

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Perfect Time for a Police State in Boston

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by: Jamarhl Crawford
originally published in the Boston Metro 9/30/04
This is nothing new. Once again, Boston finds itself in the midst of
what is being called a “wave of violence” surging through the so-called
urban inner-city. Talk reminiscing the good ole’ days of the “Boston
Miracle” has once again arisen.

The chorus of preachers is preparing for more podium pounding
pontification and posturing. Coded terms like “Hot Spots” are being
flung around by City Administrators, Police Officials, Politicians and
the like to slyly suggest, infer and imply, but never state outright
that their assessment of the problem in this city lies in Roxbury,
Mattapan, Dorchester and the South End with Black, Latino and Cape
Verdean People.

This sentiment is evidenced in Boston’s longstanding reputation as a
racist city, bolstered by the many racially motivated incidents here.
Bussing, Levi Hart. Charles Stuart, Tiffany Moore and the infamous event
captured in the symbolic picture that is worth a thousand words… the
stabbing of a Black Man on City Hall Plaza with an American flag. These
days American flags are waving high and there is a patriotic fervor in
the air. The U.S. is at war with both Iraq and the ever-elusive
“Terrorism” while the pre-election political climate is still frenzied
and euphoric after both DNC and RNC conventions.

This is the perfect time and these are the perfect conditions for the
first phase in the making of a police state. Situations that impact the
larger national level usually have rippling repercussions on a lower
local level.

Sometimes it is a single tragic instance in which there is a clear
villain and hero. Like a comic book, “The DC Sniper vs. Moose,” these
things are romanticized and spoken of as if headlines are Hollywood
movie trailers. When a critical situation arises nationally it is a
given a catchy name and then countered by a direct initiative with an
equally schnazzy name. Iraq invades Kuwait? Operation Desert Storm.
America invades Iraq? Operation Enduring Freedom. Surging violence in
Boston? Operation Neighborhood Shield.

War mongering and fear mongering. We are subjected to hurricane alerts,
terror alerts, amber alerts and yet no one seems to be alert. People
seem to be fast asleep in blissful apathetic slumber. There is far too
much violence in Boston, ask Bert Bowen, Evelyn Barros-Cepeda and Luis
Gonzalez. Black, Cape Verdean and Latino respectively, all killed by
Boston Police. You don’t need Jesse Jackson to confirm Boston is a
racist city. Ask Josiah Spaulding III who attacked 3 teenage Black and
Cape Verdean girls at Downtown Crossing Park Plaza and happens to be the
Neo-Nazi son of Wang Center Director Josiah Spaulding jr. Violence is
not exclusive… the coverage is.

In this city I have witnessed Black People called animals by media,
politicians and police. I have heard my community referred to as “the
jungle” and seen it occupied by extremely hostile police forces. My
community is often depicted as the root of violence and a breeding
ground for criminals. Constantly, we see men of color incarcerated in
the system behind small drug quantities and gun possession, who come out
to little chance of employment or housing. The true question is where
are all these drugs and guns coming from on the higher levels, and how
can we offer redemption to those who wish to change their lives and
their communities?

We must not point the finger at the victims of true violence who now
perpetuate it and at the same time give pardon to others who have
committed far worse atrocities for longer periods of time afflicting
greater amounts of people. America in general and Boston specifically is
in no moral position to dispense or define justice or equality. At least
not on top of stolen land soaked with the blood of indigenous peoples
and built up by forced slave labor.

About The Author

Jamarhl Crawford is the Publisher / Editor of the Blackstonian. @jamarhlakauno on twitter.

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