June 21, 2024

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12/15 Stop 3 Strikes! Visit State House & Phone Call Day: EPOCA

MA state house

Visit to Senators/Rep. and Phone Call Day: EPOCA

Join EPOCA (Ex-prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement) on Tomorrow Thursday as they meet with State Representatives and Senators sitting on the conference committee making decisions about the 3-strikes legislation in Massachusetts.

Ask Legislators to

· Support amendments to the bill that would make it less harsh, impact less people, and cause less harm to our communities.

· Remove mandatory post-release supervision, parole eligibility time expansion-15 to 25years, wiretapping, and DNA collection from the bill completely.

· Defeat the bill in its entirety because it does not contribute to public safety in the long run.

· More money should be spent on rehabilitation, job creation and education rather than mass incarceration:

Massachusetts spends $47,000 annually on one inmate compare to $10,000 for K-12 education.


You can join members of EPOCA in Nurses Hall/Statehouse at 11:00am. Call EPOCA organizer, Steve O’Neil at 508.410.7676.

Call Conference Committee Members:

Representative Hill – 617-722-2100

Representative Linsky – 617-722-2575

Representative O’Flaherty – 617-722-2396

Senator Tarr – 617-722-1600

Senator Creem – 617-722-1639

Senator Badour – 617-722-1604

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