July 22, 2024

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STACK Expert Contributor Program



STACK Media is seeking experts to join STACK’s Expert Contributor Program. You will have the opportunity to share your expertise with millions of athletes, coaches, parents and fellow experts from around the country, and also get recognized as a thought leader in your area of expertise.As an Official STACK Expert Contributor, you will write articles about training, nutrition, skill development, gear and other topics of interest to serious athletes. Your work will be published on STACK’s leading media properties, STACK.com and STACK Magazine, which reach millions of readers and web visitors each month.Sign Up today to join hundreds of other experts already contributing to STACK!


Be recognized as a STACK Expert of the Month and win $500
Receive a complimentary subscription to STACK Magazine after submitting your first article
Be featured on STACK.com and our network of affiliate sites—one of the 15 largest sports properties in the U.S., reaching 5 million plus unique visitors on a monthly basis
Be featured in STACK Magazine, reaching more than 5 million readers with each issue
Confirm your reputation as an expert by sharing your ideas, methods and principles
Build your resumé and earn awards and recognition as an Official STACK Expert Contributor
Help millions of athletes stay safe and healthy by guiding them to better training, nutrition, skill development and gear purchasing decisions


Strength coaches for pro teams, top colleges, elite high schools and independent facilities
Fitness experts, personal trainers and other professionals with expertise in performance training
Sports nutritionists and dieticians working with pro athletes/teams, colleges and athletes of all ages
Athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other sports health professionals for pro teams, top rehab centers, college and high school programs
Orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals who specialize in working with athletes and treating sports injuries
Sports psychologists working with athletes of all sports and all levels
Skills coaches, position coaches and other experts on the skills and fundamentals of all sports for all levels of athletes
Experts on equipment, gear, apparel and training tools specifically designed for athletes


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