June 21, 2024

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Local writer Angel Babbitt lands Blog on Boston.com

angel babbitt

Blackstonian would like to congratulate local writer Angel Babbitt on her new venture with a blog on Boston.com called “Expertly Engaged”
Angel is a professional wedding planner and currently engaged to be married. Her blog shares her own experiences on the road to her wedding day. Angel is one of the very few (translation = only) African-American voices on the Boston.com/Boston Globe Community Voices Blog section.

Congrats on the blog and the soon-to-be wedding!!!

Angel Babbitt lands Blog on Boston.com

angel babbitt

from Boston.com
Angel Babbitt is a bride-to-be who has worked as an independent Boston-based day-of wedding coordinator. She loves to advise her “bridal besties” on everything from tips on how to stay within budget to how to pick the right vendors. Now she will take heed to her own advice as she chronicles her journey to get down the aisle. When she’s not moonlighting as The Bridal BFF, she works as a Marketing Manager for a non-profit organization in Boston.
To reach Angel directly, send her an email at thebridalbff@gmail.com or a tweet at @TheBridalBFF.

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