April 24, 2024

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Boston Wrong: Howie Carr & The Boston Herald

Boston Wrong: Howie Carr & The Boston Herald

Boston Herald Columnist and WRKO Radio shock jock Howie Carr has been stirring the pot since it called the kettle black.
Over the years his vitriol is never better than when aimed at Black Elected Officials.  He has developed a great disdain and been on a vendetta against Chuck Turner & Dianne Wilkerson often making inappropriate, racist and sexist comments.  Now Carr has found a new target in Carlos Henriquez and even managed to drag in Bill Owens and Royal Bolling, Sr.  In addition to attacking these Black Elected Officials, he also slighted the memory of “Trayvon Martin” calling him a “deceased black thug.”

Carr makes quite a living penning books about Boston’s famous mobsters. Let’s take a peek at Hitman Howie Carr’s latest hit pieces:

Carr: State House more like a penitentiary 1/16/14
“This is a man so dedicated to justice that in 2012 he wore a hoodie into the State House. It was Carlos’ way of showing his solidarity with a deceased black thug named Trayvon Martin. Power to the people, right on!”

Carr: If House seat opens, bring on the ex-cons 1/17/14

We are not shocked, this is what the Herald pays him to do. His job is based on being bombastic and the knuckle dragging commenters on the Boston Herald site eat it up.  The worst part is that the Herald Editors condone it, encourage it and pay him in blood money to continue to do it. Carr is a dinosaur and a throwback to the good ole days when rocks were thrown at nigger children in South Boston. Enough of this drivel. One Boston? Boston Strong? Nope. Boston Wrong.

In tribute to his consistent contributions to world wide racism and white supremacy we have also awarded Howie Carr with the Archie Bunker Award for forward thought and intellekchewalism.

I don’t know what that is he’s eating it maybe powdered baby hearts.
Oh you devil.

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