May 30, 2024

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BPD Gun Grab Not Consistent With “Street War” Image

BPD Gun Grab Not Consistent With “Street War” Image

A few months ago as Boston Police were gearing up for a purchase of AR-15’s I began getting calls from journalists who were seeking my perspective on “Boston’s Street War.”  This narrative was told to them by Boston Police who maintain that they are outmatched in the streets and need more firepower to combat what they are saying is an alarming amount of high-powered weapons that they increasingly have to face off against.  The BPD has also said these AR-15s are needed to combat situations like the Boston Marathon Bombing which I think everyone can agree is an anomaly, albeit a horrific one.

Based on my experience we are not seeing a great amount of high-powered weapons used in “street crimes” or recovered in drug busts or random stops.  We also do not see a great deal of shoot outs in the street with the police.  In the rare instances when officers are fired upon, it is usually an act of desperation or fear and often with small caliber handguns.  In fact, the majority of guns in Boston seem to be handguns, mostly small caliber whether revolver or semi-automatic. Recently, the Boston Police has begun to show the guns that have been taken off of the street and true to my predictions the haul of guns does not reflect the vicious high-powered “street war” scenario that has been presented to the public and media.  Any illegal gun taken off the streets of Boston is a victory, however, I would like for us to have a realistic view before we cower in fear and give away our rights in favor of a heavily armed police state which will “protect” us to a degree that the community cannot bear.

So let’s take a look at the reality.

Please Note: ALL guns are serious and dangerous. ANY gun can kill you. Illegal guns in the hands of children are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  If you find a gun in the public call 911 and do not touch or handle it.  If you know of someone who wants to turn a gun in contact 617-635-4500 and ask about the gun buyback program.

BPD Guns

Feb. 17 Guns

2-16 Guns
2-16 Drug Bust with Gun

Gun pictured is Lorcin .22 caliber firearm with magazine and ammunition


2-14 Drug Bust with Rifle

2-13 Drug Bust
2-13 Drug Bust (Shown for perspective. Fairly significant amount of drugs and money recovered. No firearm.)

2-11 Guns
2-11 Guns

.357 Magnum Smith & Wesson This is a powerful weapon with major stopping power. However as a revolver it has limitations.

2-10 Guns


2-8 Guns

.380 auto 


mac 10
2-2 Guns

MAC-10 machine gun and a .45-caliber handgun
Of all the above busts this is the most serious firepower. These are very nasty weapons. Very powerful
and the slugs have a tremendous impact and devastating effect.

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