City of Boston Cabinet Salary Chart

COB Salaries

Recently, The Boston Herald published the City of Boston’s cabinet salary figures as released by new Mayor Walsh’s administration.
(See Herald Article HERE)

Take a look at our graphic visualization of the published salary information and stay tuned as we continue to look into City & State salaries and budgets.

COB Salaries

Here is the text list:

employee salary
Marty Walsh (Mayor of Boston) $175,000
William Evans (BPD Commissioner) $174,200
Daniel Koh (Chief of Staff) $152,000
Eugene O’Flaherty (Corporation Counsel) $150,000
Joseph Rull (Chief of Operations & Admin) $150,000
Lisa Pollack (Communications Director) $135,000
James Gillooly (Transportation Commissioner) $129,686
Joyce Linehan (Policy Chief) $125,000
Felix G. Arroyo (Dir. Health & Human Services) $123,624
Justin Holmes (Dir. Information & Technology) $110,000
Michael Dennehy (Public Works Commissioner) $110,000
Christopher Byner (Dir. BCYF) $105,000
Alejandra St. Guillen (Office of New Bostonians) *interim $91,182
Megan Costello (Dir. Women’s Commission) $91,182
Keith Williams (Dir. Small & Local Business) *interim $91,000

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