Drugs At Concerts? Popped A Molly They Sweatin

Drugs At Concerts? Popped A Molly They Sweatin

It is refreshing for me to see a music scene besides Hip-Hop associated in the media with drugs.  Usually, and particularly in Boston, Hip-Hop has been unofficially banned from many spots because of drugs, fights and ultimately the “undesirable” ie Black/Latino crowds it brings.  For decades there have been more fights and more drugs at college parties, raves and clubs but because those crowds are predominantly white it has largely been ignored by city officials, or at least not assigned the danger that was attributed to crowds of color.

On Wednesday June 25th, TD Garden hosted an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concert from Swedish DJ Avicii.  At this event 36 concert attendees where whisked away in ambulances for bad reactions to the drug “Molly” or MDM which is a “pure” form of Ecstasy.  The City of Boston is now looking into strategies to deal with what has been a longstanding problem in Boston of drug use in parties, clubs and concerts.


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