May 20, 2024

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BPD Commissioner Evans “Unfortunate” Statements On Diversity

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans was recently called upon to testify in a court proceeding.  Seems pretty normal, Commissioner’s and other personnel are routinely called to testify in court proceedings.  In this particular case, it was not Commissioner Evans presence that was extraordinary, even the case itself is a fairly (far too) routine discrimination case.  What makes this alarming is in fact what the Commissioner said while on the stand in regards to diversity…

Commissioner Evans testimony from the transcript:

Pg. 69

Well, when I got on we wanted the diversity of the
3 city, um, you know, to be reflected and, you know, so I
4 have to bring people up. But do I like this system?
5 You know, unfortunately, you know, this has become a
6 minority/majority city and we have to reflect the
7 community that we represent. Now that being said, you
8 know, um, I don’t know if Willy has taken the exam at
9 all, but, you know, that’s — unfortunately in today’s
10 modern policing, one of the things the community wants
11 is for the police department to reflect the diversity of
12 the people they serve.

note: line 8 “Willy” refers to Superintendent in chief William Gross

Click here for: FULL TRANSCRIPT of court proceeding


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