December 09, 2022

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Anonymous Flyer Calls Rev. Brown & Rev. Rivers “2015 Coons”


From Blackstonian Fam…. This anonymous flyer is posted at several bus stop shelters in Roxbury.
The flyer calls Rev. Jeffrey Brown and Rev. Eugene Rivers “2015 Coons, Sambos, House Niggas, Passive + Submissive”

My thoughts:

1) Even if I agreed with the points, I don’t do anonymous attacks.  So, for real credibility in the community whoever did this should have signed their name, organization and contact info.  You may find some people would be interested in more information or want to join this cause.

2) When you call someone a “Coon,” “Sambo,” or “House Nigger” you should provide at least one example as evidence otherwise those who are not in the know will never know and it just looks like a blindside attack. Be specific and provide examples that support your statement.

In any event… Here you have it…

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