June 23, 2024

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Drug Disposal Kiosks Properly Dispose Of Old Medications

Drug Disposal Kiosks Properly Dispose Of Old Medication
by: Jamarhl Crawford

Recently, I have been caring for my elderly Grandmother and one of the first problems I encountered was simply: What to do with all these old medications?!?

There were bottles and bottles of expired meds and even more from prescriptions that had been discontinued or medicines that were changed.  Being the socially conscious guy that I am I would not just throw in the trash or flush down the toilet and it ends up in the water or soil.  After some basic research I found the answer!  The Boston Public Health Commission has placed “Drug Take Back Kiosks” at various Boston Police Stations throughout the city.

This is a wonderfully smart program. The Boston Public Health Commission should work to expand locations to include Community Health Centers as well as Walgreen’s, CVS and other pharmacies.

PLEASE VISIT The Boston Public Health Commission to find out what is allowed for disposal, locations and more!


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