Black History For The Boston Police Department

In celebration of Black History here are few examples of Black History within the Boston Police Department

* (1878) Sgt. Horatio Homer
First Black Officer on BPD

* (1943/1944) WWII Era First Black Women on BPD
Officer Edna Swan
Officer Dorothy Harrison

* (Late 50’s) First Black Deputy Superintendent on BPD
Dept. Supt. Francis Garrison Welsing

* MAMLEO – 2018 is MAMLEO’s 50th Anniversary Golden Anniversary
(1968) Massachusetts Association of Afro-American Police, Inc. (MAAAP) founded
(1983) renamed Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. (M.A.M.L.E.O.)

* (1971) Soul Patrol – BPD’s First All-Black Tactical Patrol Force

* (2014) Boston Police Department Superintendent-in-Chief, William “Willie” Gross
First Black Man as 2nd in Command of BPD

* (2013) Superintendent Charlie Horsley
First Black Man to lead BPD Training Academy

* (2014) Superintendent Lisa Holmes, Chief of the Bureau of Professional Development
First Black Woman to lead BPD Training Academy

* (2014) Captain Haseeb Hosein
First Muslim Captain (also Black, Trinidadian) on BPD

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