April 24, 2024

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Developers Demolish Roxbury Love Mandela Mural

If you’re from Boston,Massachusetts you know what to expect when driving down Warren Street , eventually you’re going to drive pass the Monumental mural of Nelson Mandla with the words “ROXBURY LOVE” surrounding him. The Mural was created by Boston Graffiti Artists Deme 5 and Kwest to honor the 1990 visit to the city by South African President and Activist Nelson Mandla. At around Noon time on July 23rd, a video surfaced on Facebook of the Mural being torn down which left some residents speechless and others with a lot to say. One things for sure more gentrification and development keeps coming through to find a place in the Heart of the City. What will become of the people, history and stories who currently live here remains to be seen.

Editors Note: The property being redeveloped has been in process since 2016. Building license was issued December 31, 2020. [Source]

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