May 30, 2024

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4th Annual National Feed The People (FTP) Weekend 3/24-3/25

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4th Annual National Feed The People (FTP) Weekend

Message from FTP:

First, let me say that we are greatly appreciative of all those who have supported our Feed The People Program since its inception in 2004!!!

The Feed The People Program has spread and served over 150,000 meals and care packages in places such as Los Angeles, San Diego and parts of Canada to name a few. Care packages that include –toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant and various feminine hygiene products.

In an effort to cover more ground and reach more people in need, the FTP Movement is calling on all Comrades, Family and supporters around this country to lend a hand and a heart.

On March 24 & 25th 2012-we will launch our 4th Annual National Feed The People Weekend!!! If you are interested in participating or sponsoring in your area please email

*Note-this is not just an FTP Movement affair, we welcome all organizations and individuals to participate, we do ask that for the sake of solidarity that if you plan on being involved in your area to let us know so that we can either include you as a contact or put you in touch with someone that is already doing it…Be on the look out for our upcoming press release….

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