Car shot up in Roxbury: MAYOR MENINO TOW THIS CAR!!!

shot car

Car shot in Roxbury (street not named purposely)
Car shot up in Roxbury on Sat 3/24/12.
Area roped off, search of area, one person transported to hospital with wounds, K9 searched area for shells and other evidence, BPD photographer/videographer filmed entire scene….
Everyone just left and the vehicle has been sitting there for 3 days… no tow… no nothing…
A nice life lesson for the children who walk up and down this street everyday, particularly the day care that routinely walks down the street with groups of 30 plus 4-5 yr olds…

As tow happy as Boston is I am actually surprised this car is not gone already… my car got towed for street cleaning…
How bout cleaning up the street.

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