May 20, 2024

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Car shot up in Roxbury: MAYOR MENINO TOW THIS CAR!!!

shot car

Car shot in Roxbury (street not named purposely)
Car shot up in Roxbury on Sat 3/24/12.
Area roped off, search of area, one person transported to hospital with wounds, K9 searched area for shells and other evidence, BPD photographer/videographer filmed entire scene….
Everyone just left and the vehicle has been sitting there for 3 days… no tow… no nothing…
A nice life lesson for the children who walk up and down this street everyday, particularly the day care that routinely walks down the street with groups of 30 plus 4-5 yr olds…

As tow happy as Boston is I am actually surprised this car is not gone already… my car got towed for street cleaning…
How bout cleaning up the street.

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  1. Boston Police Department

    Thank you for your concern in this matter. The operator of this vehicle had requested the opportunity to maintain custody of the vehicle for personal reasons and to have the vehicle processed at a later date. Detectives honored that request and attempted to have the vehicle processed at the operator’s convenience. This vehicle was located in Hyde Park today and is currently being processed by the detectives. Thanks again for your concern relative to this matter.

  2. Anjela Childs

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car be a part of a crime scene, not get towed to wherever they tow evidence.. smh

  3. Joy Boston

    Hmmmm? Well I know of a few drug lords who would have prefered their unit not be towed/seized in the middle of their bust/your investigation as well. So, how can one be so lucky?

    I mean, since we can make open requests and all…… :: side eye ::

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