July 15, 2024

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State Rep. Henriquez wears “hoodie” to House Session for Trayvon Martin & Senate Bill 661

State Representative Carlos Henriquez

Press Release

Contact: Danielson Tavares


T: (617) 722-2060  Fax (617) 722 2849

For Immediate Release

Carlos Henriquez Hoodie

State Representative Carlos Henriquez wears “hoodie” to House Session for Trayvon Martin and Senate Bill 661.


March 28th 2012


Today State Representative Carlos Henriquez sported a hooded sweatshirt to the State House in support of Trayvon Martin. “I also hope to raise awareness to Senate Bill #661 An Act for the Common Defense’ stated Representative Henriquez. ‘I believe a man or a woman should be safe in their homes and be able to protect themselves and their families lawfully. I believe in the 2nd amendment. What I don’t want is citizens of the Commonwealth making a snap decision in public of when to interpret and/or use deadly force, who could also be under the influence of fear, adrenaline, liquor, illegal substances or prejudices. Professionals go through training, are licensed and or sworn and still aren’t 100%. I think this bill as written can have grave consequences and I don’t think it makes us safer but in fact may create dangerous situations.”

Danielson Tavares

Legislative Aide

Representative Carlos Henriquez

(617) 722-2060

(617) 722-2849 Fax



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  1. john carty

    Can you inform me about the bill

    Btw i am a 53 yr self employed accountant.

    And i am going out the door now wearing a hoodie

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