April 24, 2024

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Gov. Patrick sends 3 Strikes bill back to Legislature

deval patrick

deval patrick

Gov. Patrick sends 3 Strikes bill back to Legislature

After much work from activists, legal professionals, professors and concerned citizens from all across Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick has decided to send the “3 Strikes” bill proposed by the conference committee back to the legislature for more hashing out. While this is a small victory, the major work against mass incarceration, mandatory minimums, racial disparities and prisoner rights continues and this 3 Strikes battle is not yet won in Massachusetts. Read the local coverage and also read the final conference committee report here:

From the Boston Globe:

Patrick sends crime bill back
Wants ‘three strikes’ provision eased to give judges latitude
By Wesley Lowery | GLOBE CORRESPONDENT JULY 28, 2012
From the Boston Herald

Gov. Deval Patrick sends ‘3 strikes’ bill back to lawmakers
By John Zaremba
Saturday, July 28, 2012

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  1. Rickie Thompson

    Just left protest at Dudley Station over the lack of Black and other workers of color on the Ferdnand project. We need more of a community presence and support. come out tomorrow from 6:00 am on, if you drive through the area honk in support. This city must enforce the Boston jobs for Boston residents ordinance. They won’t and have not becuase we have not called them on it.

    Rickie Thompson

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