June 18, 2024

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Shootings since Marathon continue to rise – now 26 shot



Shootings since Marathon continue to rise – now 26 shot
Note: we will now indicate wherever possible if the shooting resulted in a homicide.

BostonGlobe reports about an overnight shooting of two, which left one woman wounded and one man dead.
This brings the new total to 26 people shot since the Boston Marathon Bombings.
Read more from the Boston Globe here

View Shootings in Boston Since Boston Marathon in a larger map

Date Time How many shot Where
4/15 10:34pm 1 14 Zeigler St. (Dudley Sq.) Roxbury
4/16 1:58pm 2 MLK Blvd./Washington St.
4/17 6:30pm 2 Lauriat St./Woodrow Ave. Dorchester
4/17 8:34pm 1 237 Dudley St. Roxbury
4/17 10:02pm 2 609 Shawmut Ave. South End
4/18 1:21pm 1 2 Fidelis Way Brighton
4/18 2:24pm 1 595 Columbus Ave. South End
4/18 11:02pm 1 263 E. Cottage St. Dorchester
4/20 12:51am 1 7 Harvard Park Dorchester
4/20 11:39pm 1 9 Morse St. Dorchester
4/20 1:32am 1 55 Copeland St. Roxbury
4/26 11:30pm 3 Helca St. Dorchester
4/26 10:30pm 1 91 Regent St. Roxbury
4/28 5:15pm 1 500 block of Washington St. (Codman Sq.) Dorchester
4/28 7:45pm 1 Wayland St. Dorchester
4/29 9:02am 1 3 Brook St. Roslindale
4/29 9:05pm 2 11 Beech Glen St. Roxbury
4/30 10:10pm 1 Draper and Westville St. Dorchester
5/3 12:42am 2 41 Prentiss St. Roxbury (1 dead – 12th homicide of 2013)

View the most up to date info on our Live Map / List of Shootings since Boston Marathon.

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  1. Valerie owen

    I was just checking out spot crime when a friend posted this on Facebook. I live in Mission Hill and work in Glover’s Corner/Savin Hill in Dot. We hear so little about crimes in The Boston Neighborhoods on the news it has become routine to ignore it. The rate of crimes solved is deplorable. I always say the homocide rate is low because the surgeons got better. It will not get better until the young folks start respecting life and realize that fighting over a block is silly there is a big world out there study hard and move on. I ran a laundromat for decades and I saw so many kids grow up and die young from drugs and violence. The majority had sad family situations the rest were just hanging out and being Young.

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