July 15, 2024

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Mayoral Money Team Top 10 in a dash for campaign cash

top 4 mayor $$$

Mayoral Money Team Top 10 in a dash for campaign cash

Here’s a look as of May 31st at the War Chests of the Boston Mayoral candidates.

If you want the whole document click here (PDF)
Boston Mayoral campaign war chest 5-31

all information from OCPF http://ocpf.cloudapp.net/Data/Boston2013MayoralRace
Chart 1 shows the 4 front runners in the first grouping ($1million – $250k):
(editor’s note: in all fairness DA Dan Conley started off with approx $850k in his account)

top 4 mayor $$$

Dan Conley $1,148,929.00
John Connolly $564,384.00
Mike Ross $453,668.00
Marty Walsh $378,108.00

chart 1


Chart 2 shows 3 candidates in the second tier grouping (>$250k – $100k)
This grouping is much closer and there will be a fundraising scramble to see who can leapfrog into the front runner grouping.

2nd 3 mayor $$$

Rob Consalvo $135,189.00
Felix Arroyo $128,176.00
Bill Walczak $127,342.00

chart (2)

Chart 3 shows our last grouping (>$100k – $10k)
3rd 3 mayor $$$

John Barros $51,483.00
Charles Yancey $41,788.00
Charlotte Golar Richie $23,604.00

chart (3)

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