June 18, 2024

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Will Felix Arroyo champion this cause for African-Americans?

felix arroyo

Will Felix Arroyo champion this cause for African-Americans?

felix arroyo

As many of you are aware Councillor Felix Arroyo led the charge in response to the state of Arizona’s draconian immigration policies by holding a hearing and successfully getting the City of Boston to divest from all financial dealings with Arizona.

The Blackstonian is calling on At-Large Boston City Councillor Felix Arroyo, current candidate for the Mayor of Boston to mount exactly the same campaign calling for the City of Boston to divest from all financial dealings with the state of Florida in response to the Not Guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin.

I am sure that the three African-American Councillors, Pressley, Yancey and Jackson will all be behind this idea, but in my view this a test for Arroyo to see if he will champion an issue on behalf of the Black Community with the same fervor that he addressed the anti-immigration policies that primarily target Latino’s.

We eagerly await his response.

If you think this is a good idea please call his office or email and tell him:

Felix Arroyo 617-635-4205  Felix.Arroyo@cityofboston.gov

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  1. Jameek

    You’re coming from left field on this one. Why say you are sure the three African-American Councilors will be behind it. They haven’t even proposed it. If they cared they would. Maybe you should list their office phone numbers too.

    Pressley’s, Yancey, or Jacksons. Sounds like we need to beg another person to do what they won’t. Because each of them is just as capable of making this proposal…and they haven’t.

    1. Blackstonian

      You are missing the point. Arroyo led a charge just like this in regards to divesting Boston $ from a state based upon a controversial issue. This is the reason I picked him. Please do not use terms like beg for me at least. There is no begging here, here there is pushing. I purposely picked the Latino councillor opposed to the Black councillors because the question is will Arroyo act in Black interests with the same ferocity that he did for Latino interests. The Black councillors have all initiated their own time and time again so I am clear on their positions. I am unclear on Arroyo’s positions. If you feel the need to contact the 3 Black councillors or any other councillor for that matter go to the Boston City Council website and get all of their emails and #’s.

  2. Jameek

    I sure you believe in self determination. And us not needing to have other people propose things for us is part of that. Those are black elected officials the real question is should Felix do it. It’s why aren’t they.

    Do you really believe its ok our own aren’t looking out for us as you’re trying to suggest he isn’t. Isn’t that sad?

    Where are Pressely, Jackson or Yancey on this. If this is something you really want why are you ok with them not lifting a finger to do it.

    Sounds like that’s the real story.

    1. Blackstonian

      Well obviously you are entitled to your own opinion but you are wrong. You are wrong in both my intent & motivation and in your characterization that the others are not lifting a finger. You are missing my point. However, if you believe that’s the real story feel free to do whatever you deem necessary. Ball’s in your court.

  3. Jameek

    So what you are saying is only Arroyo should move to make this proposal? Not our own pols? How does this make

  4. Jameek

    Sense? It’s a double standard. Either you think the proposal is important and should be done but to say it should only be done by him is to say it isn’t really the proposal you care about. And if that’s the case why do this story.

    If you really thought the proposal should be done you’d be pushing all of them not picking and choosing.

  5. YoungSocrates

    Its obvious this is another ploy by Team Jahmohl to create division between the black community and the Hispanic community and comes at a great time because of the results of a favorability poll for potential mayors that list Felix with the highest rating…check to see who funds the Blackstonian..the powers that be love using race baiters not only to divide blacks and whites, but blacks and Hispanics and even blacks with sense from those with none…..and the Zimmerman situation is just being used so these individuals have a platform, remember the Town hall forum last year?? Nothing but hate speech to divide..havent seen a white person kill a black in the hood of Boston .. We are most dangerous to ourselves!!Its not even worth to argue the merit of this argument…

    1. Blackstonian

      –Paris why dont you just call me 617-297-7721…
      and please let me know who funds the Blackstonian… dont just spi tout this crazy rhetoric, come with it… please tell me who gives me money and controls me?
      divide Blacks & Hispanics? me? thats funny… first you may want to use the term Latino its a little less offensive and secondly maybe you missed all the flags represented in the Blackstonian… I grew up hanging in Egleston and some of my closest friends, allies and supporters are Latino from various countries DR, PR, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, Guatamala, Mexico, etc.
      I dont mind if you critique me or the Blackstonian, but make sure you are on point.

    2. CPC

      What are you talking about? You’re more like the people who killed Socrates than the man himself. Florida, like Arizona, has a law that lends itself to affecting African Americans more acutely due to racism, just as Arizona’s law acutely affects Latinos. If Felix Arroyo could use his skill and clout to successfully divest funds from dealings with AZ, will he do the same in FL? The laws in each state are what’s furthering the divide, not speaking about it or proposing ideas, as you intimate.

  6. Jameek

    I’m going to call their offices I like the idea what I’m saying is they can make proposals for this as well. They haven’t. And thus they aren’t lifting a finger in regards to this idea you think is good enough for Felix but not them. Thus my problem with this article why put him on the spotlight for something our own wont do?

    1. Blackstonian

      bro you are missing my point and i am guessing my typed words are being misunderstood. please call 617-297-7721

  7. YoungSocrates

    Not really sure what or who you referring too,however I do see the flags but actions always speak louder than words…your argument is essentially what white people say when they caught being racist and say I have black friends..no need to call and have a conversation..just giving my point of view my sir!

    1. Blackstonian

      once again you misunderstand. its just difficult to type back & forth in what could be cleared up with a 5 min convo. but your choice.

  8. BlackandBrownPower

    I’m confused are you saying that the Black councilors shouldn’t take the lead on this legislation? If anything maybe one of them and Arroyo could make the proposal together. But why divide them?

    1. Blackstonian

      please don’t get confused in the comments. what i said is clearly stated above.whoever wants to can take on that mantle my challenge was issued to arroyo simply because he did the exact thing i am proposing in the case of arizona. thats it thats all. there is no hidden agenda. most people know i speak plain and if there was something else i was trying to say i would say it. i was quite clear. in the future as the mayoral race heats up i will offer my critique of felix arroyo. this is simply what it is.

  9. BlackandBrownPower

    I think I’m following this post, you said to Jameek…

    “I purposely picked the Latino councillor opposed to the Black councillors because the question is will Arroyo act in Black interests with the same ferocity that he did for Latino interests. ”

    Does that mean that because none of the Black councilors led the charge with him in that legislation regarding Arizona that they did not act in the interest of immigrants/Latinos? I just dont’ think it’s that clear cut. That’s what makes it seem like a personal thing. Which is fine, but since you say it isn’t then its confusing.

    Well here’s hoping the city council does do something about it, even if we disagree on how it should happen. I’m hoping that they do it together and I will call all four of them.

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