June 19, 2024

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2013 Boston Mayor Race – Campaign Office Map

A Boston Herald article by Richard Weir entitled “Campaign offices clustered” notes how the offices of the 12 Candidates in the mayors race cluster in certain neihgborhoods while totally missing others.

“The dozen mayoral hopefuls have skipped over entire sections of the city when setting up shop, raising eyebrows among political activists there who feel their neighborhoods have been neglected.”

We have made a map of all the candidate offices and you can see some are pretty stacked up:

View 2013 Boston Mayoral Race – Campaign Offices in a larger map

Felix G. Arroyo:

South End – (Headquarters) 801A Tremont St.

Jamaica Plain – 3353 Washington St.

Jamaica Plain, Hyde Square – 370 Centre St.

Hyde Park – 55 Fairmount Ave.

East Boston – 33 Maverick Square

John F. Barros:

Dorchester, Uphams Corner – 580 Columbia Rd.

Charles L. Clemons Jr.:

Roxbury, Dudley Square – 1127 Harrison Ave.

Daniel F. Conley:

Jamaica Plain – (Headquarters) 14 Hyde Park Ave

West Roxbury – 1783 Centre St.

South Boston – 753 East Broadway (2nd floor)

John R. Connolly:

Roslindale – (Headquarters) 156-162 Belgrade Ave.

Charlestown – 295 Main St.

Mattapan – 90 River St.

Rob Consalvo

Hyde Park – (Headquarters) 678 Truman Parkway

Mattapan – 1665 Blue Hill Ave.

East Boston – 982 Bennington St.

Charlotte Golar Richie:

Dorchester, Ashmont – (Headquarters) 1953 Dorchester Ave.

Hyde Park – 73 Fairmount Ave.

Dorchester – 393 Columbia Rd.

Roxbury – 157 Dudley Street

Jamaica Plain – 315 Centre St.

Mission Hill – 1536 Tremont St.

East Boston – 18 Meridian St.

Michael P. Ross:

South Boston – 9 West Broadway

Martin J. Walsh:

Dorchester – (Headquarters) 100 Hallet St.

Allston/Brighton – 576 Washington St.

East Boston – 973 Saratoga St.

Hyde Park – 614 Hyde Park Ave.

Jamaica Plain – 668 Centre St.

Mattapan – 1539 Blue Hill Ave.

South Boston – 653 E Broadway Ave.

Bill Walczak:

Dorchester, Fields Corner – 1370 Dorchester Ave.

David James Wyatt:

No formal campaign headquarters. Candidate operates out of his Roxbury home.

Charles C. Yancey:

Roxbury – 2201 Washington St.

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  1. hmmm

    “Felix G. Arroyo:

    South End – (Headquarters) 801A Tremont St.” bro thats right across the street from lennox— across from slades— thats Roxbury not the South End…. and the hate continues…

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