June 18, 2024

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Israel Is Wrong

The latest conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip has drawn the attention of the world. Many have condemned the actions of Israel against Gaza while some, most notably President Obama, have shown solidarity with Israel and little sympathy for the plight of the Palestinian people. Even a quick glance at the numbers of casualties from both sides will tell you that Israel is the aggressor with stronger and more powerful weapons and they are killing civilians, among them elderly, women and children in increasing numbers.

The Blackstonian stands with the Palestinians. The conflict in Gaza needs to end now and the only cease fire that matters is when/if Israel stops fighting fire with lava.

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  1. CPC

    It’s perfectly fine to stand with the Palestinians, especially considering that our tax dollars pay for the Israeli Occupation in the West Bank, as well as Palestinian refugee camps. However, in this conflict, to say one “stands with Palestinians” actually means little. You are either standing with Hamas and their irresponsible and criminal governance of Gaza (a territory Israel unilaterally gave back to Palestinians), or you stand with the IDF. A lot can be said about the IDF, but how you answer this question says a lot about you: What would you do if rockets were raining down onto your cities and towns the way Hamas is launching them into Israel (from areas packed with civilians, in order to maximize and capitalize upon their deaths from the retaliation)?

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