June 18, 2024

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Hate The Skin You’re In? Try Our Product!

Hate The Skin You’re In? Try Our Product!

File Under: Self-Hate

From Blackstonian Family

Billboard in Grove Hall advertising “Skin Lightening” products….

People are urging you to call and voice your objections:

Boston City Hall Hotline: 617-635-4500
Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising:

Boston 89 Maple Street
Stoneham, MA 02180
89 Maple Street
Stoneham, MA 02180
(781) 438 8880 Monday – Friday
8AM to 5PM EST

And while you’re at it listen to this Reggae Classic…

and then take a look at what some of our sisters are ging thru…
(from a beauty care chat room by a clearly distressed woman, un-edited, all text is as it was written by author)


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I’m a dark skinned lady who wanted to slightly lighten my face to match the complection of my chest [you know what i’m talking about] as i work in a professional industry when ever i took photographs i would always notice the difference which always seems to look odd so i went to my local beauty store and was recomend Carotice lightening Products.

Iv’e been using this product know for a little under two months and i must say that it does work very quickly. I first started to see results after 2wks but then i noticed that some parts of my face started to get very patchy so i just applied it to the parts that were darker to try and even out my complection. Nearly 5wks on im still struggling to match up my complection. thank god for make up & even then i’m sure if you stared at me hard enough you would easily notice something is up with my face.

I have spent money on those so called natural products like ‘Meladerm & UK Skin Lightening’ products that claim to do the job, only the didn’t work for me.  Even when i wanted my money back which they claimed they would return, they refused to return what i had spend on their products.  is there any product out there that gives you the results you want?…..

I’m a very sad, unhappy & disgruntled customer


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  1. Sheena


    I sat at work yesterday, after I called the mayors office about this billboard frustrated, and angry that something like this would be in my community. I noticed that you did an article about the African Pride Mural, which is only a few yards away. Thank you for being so astute and on top of this!!

  2. sun

    Thank you so much to the Blackstonian family for getting the word out on the racist billboard. It has been removed!

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