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Mayor Menino calls for Chuck Turner to resign

Mayor Menino calls for Chuck Turner to resign
By Thomas Grillo  |   Tuesday, November 30, 2010  |  http://www.bostonherald.com  |  Business & Markets

Photo by Stuart Cahill (file)
Mayor Thomas M. Menino reiterated his call for City Councilor Chuck Turner’s resignation today.

“Chuck was one of the better city councilors, but he broke the law and under the City Council statute he must resign and I think the council will do that tomorrow and take that vote,” Menino said following the swearing-in of District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley. “It’s unfortunate, because (as a public official) you have the public’s trust and … every action you take is for the benefit of the public.”

Menino said he has not talked to Turner or given him any advice on how to handle the matter.

Article URL: http://www.bostonherald.com/business/general/view.bg?articleid=1299848

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