April 24, 2024

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Origins of the Boston Police Department: First In The Nation

The origins of the Boston Police Department can be traced back to 1631 with the formation of the first night watch..
These property owning white men “served and protected” the property of good white citizens and maintained a good Christian public peace.
Slavery was the business of the day, White men were not bound to respect any rights of any black man and Africa was in the middle of colonization and the raping of its natural resources….
**in 1780 Slavery was abolished in Massachusetts when the Mass constitution declared all men “born free and equal” after Slave, Quock Walker sued and won on this most basic of principles..
Boston was the anchor of the original 13 colonies the foundation on which this house of horrors was built less than an hour away Plymouth rock landed on us.
by 1796 the watchmen had a badge, rattle and six foot pole called the hook & bill, The hook to catch and the round bill as a weapon to pummel
In 1838 the Day police were established and the Boston Police forces then consisted of the Day police and the Night Watchmen
**In September of 1850 The Fugitive Slave Law or Fugitive Slave Act was passed by the United States Congress as part of a compromise Southern slavemasters and Northern Free Interests. This act and compromise was the controversy of 1850 and served to heightened Northern fears of a ‘slave power conspiracy’
Simalar to fears of the 50’s and 60’s to now; Black Power, Messiah, Cointelpro, Revolution, Domestic Terrorist
**In April 1851 a Warning was posted in the streets of Boston warning people of an impending life-threatening danger. This danger was the police themselves.
It read: “Caution Colored People of Boston and & all you are hereby respectfully cautioned and advised to avoid conversing with the watchmen and police officers of boston for since the recent order of the mayor and aldermen, they are empowered as kidnappers and slave catchers and they have been actually employed in kidnapping, catching and keeping slaves. Therefore if you value your liberty, and the welfare of the fugitives among you, shun them in every possible manner, as so many Hounds on the track of the most unfortunate of your race. Keep a sharp eye out for kidnappers and have a top eye open.”

**In 1854 The Boston Police was formally founded disbanding both the Day police and Night watchmen and establishing the Boston Police Department which then replaced the old hook & bill with a 14-inch club as the officer’s weapon of choice.

**1863 Emancipation Proclamation
**1865 13th Amendment Abolition of Slavery
So from the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
until the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863
Or maybe even the Abolition of Slavery in 1865
The Boston Police Department were slave catchers

The Boston Police Department has shown a favoritism for the European culture, most notably Irish/Gaelic culture, Scottish and Italian. Bagpipes are played at formal functions and kilts are worn. Boston Police Department has even been officially emblazoned with flags representing authorized and sanctioned Cultural Pride. Can you imagine a Puerto Rican, Dominican, Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian or Cape Verdean Officer who wanted to alter the official badge of the Boston Police Department to represent their culture or ethnicity? Can you imagine a Black African-American Officer who wished to alter the BPD patch and display a Red, Black and Green Flag?!?




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