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More expired food found in Boston schools

More expired food found in Boston schools

By Associated Press  |   Tuesday, March 22, 2011  |  |  Local Coverage

BOSTON — The director of food and nutrition services for Boston’s public schools has been reassigned after inspectors found 280 cases of out-of-date food in 40 cafeterias.

It was the second time this month that food beyond expiration and “use-by” dates has been found in city schools.

School officials also said Monday they have set aside more than 3,000 cases of food in a privately operated supply warehouse in Wilmington because records do not show expiration dates or “best-if-used-by” dates.

Deputy School Superintendent Michael Goar tells The Boston Globe that the discoveries do not necessarily mean students were served expired food, but does show problems in the good management system.

Federal authorities say properly frozen food can remain safe after expiration dates, but it can deteriorate in taste and nutritional value.

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