September 21, 2023

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Race In Boston: Boston Herald Readers Comments on Brothers For Boston March

Race In Boston
Media Analysis of Boston Herald Reader Comments.
Editor’s Note: I have often said that the readers comments of the Boston Herald attached to any article dealing even remotely with people of color needs to be studied as an examination of Boston race relations and to convince people who may feel like these sentiments cannot possibly exist in 2011 and that we live in a Post-Racial America…
Recently, several individuals and community organizations joined together to March from Grove Hall to Dudley, ultimately converging on a forum dealing with Black/Latino Family and Relationships. The march was highlighting Fatherhood, Family, Education and dealt with issues plaguing our community Drugs, Crime, Guns, Violence, etc. While there were several people who were in support, there were some sentiments expressed that I think are examples of the very difficult position we are in.
The below comments come from the Herald Article
“Brothers for Boston begins April with meaningful march”
By Marie Szaniszlo
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about time, but we all know this is short lived. Consistency will have more effect
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#2113780 – Apr 3, 2011 3:05 AM EDT
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Execellent having it on a saturday so no one had to miss work.
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This must be a belated April Fool’s joke.
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Would this be Louis F
arrakan’s “Nation of Islam”? That would be the same Louis Farrakan who hates Jews (the “haves who own the business’s”) he is maligning. Oh he also hates most White people. The same Louis of the “us against them” mentality who wants always to divide and separated by race. And you are writing a puff piece about this group. Way to go Marie.
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It’s about time. But they need to get more people in these marches. Makes me wonder if it is the wrong group organizing the march. Maybe oneof the community centers can partner with a church to organize a march. That would get higher numbers. But they at least understand it is up to the neighbors to get control of their streets. Too many kids unsupervised joining gangs.
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maybe they can clean up some of the trash they throw from cars along the route.
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It ain’t no Million Man March, but it’s a start.
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My2foxBoston replying to fredgsanford3  
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And your just a fool and not only in april but all year around!
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I applaud the effort! anyone madd at this should commit suicide!
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wow. i was one of the organizers of the march and as always the herald comments just never cease to amaze.

consistency? for no one involved was this their first time doing work for and in the community except maybe for the children. you can find evidence of this work at the site we own and operate for information and resources to our community. no one involved is a fly by night, here today and gone tomorrow character. Did you see any of the fabulous reverends there? No, me neither.

The mentions of Farrakhan here are really off base. Min. Rodney Muhammad is a friend of ours and we have worked together countless times on issues of violence, drugs, guns, prison issues, police brutality, etc. like it or not, for some of you herald readers, the Nation of Islam is a part of our community and not a part we are ashamed of, matter of fact we are proud of. there are few organizations who have lasted as long as they have and done so much to transform the lives of so many into responsible hard working committed community members. comments about Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam really only show your lack of knowledge of it and the people in it.

for all those who said its about time… this is consistent with what we have all heard… “Where are the people in this community who give a damn and when are they going to do something?” Well there are many, not just our small contingent that walked on Sat but many more people who care, we only did this as a symbol and a public display not as a solution in and of itself.

We did not seek a massive march requiring permits and blocking traffic, we wanted exactly what we got this is what we planned for and it was a success. People saw and received us well and now it is incumbent on us to provide next steps.

We all represent several organizations and efforts, and there is real work going on and real organization taking place, has been and will continue. Don’t worry about us.. what do YOU do? the point is get in where you fit in, plenty of work for everyone… even some of the racist commenters on here can be of service as a class to youth to let them know that racism is still alive and Archie Bunker is real. If not that then maybe we can set up a dunk-a-clown booth in Franklin Park for the summer… just some thoughts.

let me leave you with a question: Do the white readers of the Herald want the Black and Latino and Cape Verdean communities of Boston to be healthy and safe or do you wish us death and find joy in our misery and pain? Serious, honest questions. You laugh and taunt when our children are killed, you taunt when a Black Female Councillor comes forward about a rape, you take joy in two elected officials with children going to jail, it seems all comments are negative and there is hardly ever a voice of human compassion.
All I ever get overwhelmingly is hatred and its a sad indicator of the Boston we live in and why myself as a Black Man have little hopes her for racial reconciliation. I believe the majority of white people here in this city really “just dont like black people.” – Kanye West (I know you’ll love that)

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It is all for show and really does not help any. By the way the summer is yet to come and there will be probably more murders, shooting. If they really wanted to help they should look in their own backyard first. Time to leave the getto. Stay tune.
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Sooo sad!!! Damned if we do, damned if we don’t… but that’s why we do it for US, not THEM!!!
Posted 3 days ago Reply  Link  Abusive
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miseducated?….c’mon Jamahl, perhaps being uneducated is the problem. For what Boston pays for public education they could send every child to BB&N!
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I respect anyone working to make things better.
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