July 22, 2024

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26 charged in alleged Chinatown crime ring

26 face drug, gambling charges
in alleged Chinatown crime ring

Boston Chinatown
By David AbelGlobe Staff / July 9, 2011

A series of federal indictments has charged 26 people with working for organized crime groups in Chinatown, selling drugs such as ecstasy, sending prostitutes across state lines, money laundering, and illegal gambling.

In a sworn statement released yesterday, FBI agent Thomas Conboy said the long-term investigation into the alleged crime ring has so far resulted in the seizure of $340,000, 13 guns, about 13,000 suspected oxycodone pills, and “extensive evidence’’ of illegal gambling and prostitution.

Prosecutors declined to speak about the indictments or ongoing investigation, and many details remained unclear. But in his statement in court documents, Conboy described alleged connections between crime rings in the Boston and New York Chinatowns.


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