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Ex-detective’s daughter shot dead

Ex-detective’s daughter shot dead

By Marie Szaniszlo and John Zaremba  |   Wednesday, July 27, 2011  |  http://www.bostonherald.com |  Local Coverage
Detective Kee

GRIEVING PARENT: Retired Boston police detective William Kee confirmed yesterday that his daughter, Billie and her boyfriend were killed yesterday in what police are calling a ‘drug-involved homicide.’
Photo by Nancy Lane

A young mother was found shot dead on the couch and her boyfriend was bound and executed while the woman’s 4-year-old son slept soundly through it all, in what police are calling a drug-related double murder in Hyde Park, according to Boston police and the woman’s father, a retired BPD detective.

Boston police Commissioner Edward F. Davis told reporters the shooting was a “drug-involved homicide” but declined to elaborate. Police have not released the names of the woman or her boyfriend, but retired detective William Kee confirmed at the scene yesterday that the slain woman was his daughter, 24-year-old Billie Marie Kee.

“I never thought after all the crime scenes I’ve been to, I would have to go to one and find my daughter,” William Kee said. “There were so many days I had to go to someone else’s house and say, ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’ I’m not a policeman anymore. I’m just a grieving parent.”

Police were called to 957 Hyde Park Ave. after a resident reported hearing shots at 12:41 a.m. yesterday in the first-floor apartment.

Kee said his daughter was found with a pair of crutches beside her. She could not have fled, he said, as she’d had an operation on her toe. Her boyfriend was bound, Kee said. Police would not discuss crime scene details. The toddler is now with the Kee family.

The toddler was unharmed, Kee said. “Thank God he was asleep. He didn’t see or hear anything. He doesn’t know.”

Kee insisted his daughter must not have known if her boyfriend was involved with drugs.

“If he was doing something, she didn’t know anything about it,” Kee said. “This wasn’t a person involved in drugs or gangs. Not my daughter. She was a good girl and too young to pass.”

A relative of the male victim, who lit three candles on the apartment’s steps, questioned Davis’ assertion that the shooting was drug-related.

“That’s what he says, but we don’t necessarily know the facts yet,” said the relative, who wouldn’t give his name. “He was a family-oriented man.”

Billie Kee was born prematurely, her father said, recalling the night she was born.

“The night she was born, they said she wasn’t going to make it to sunrise. I wanted her to at least have a name, so I called her Billie,” he said. “She was a fighter.”

She graduated Cathedral High School and briefly considered a law-enforcement career, her father said. The couple had been together about a year and a half, he said.

A neighbor, Freddy Serano, 45, said the male victim is “a very nice guy” nicknamed “Smiley,” and often walked a small dog along Hyde Park Avenue.

“Everybody likes him in the neighborhood,” Serano said, his young daughter standing by his side. “This is a pretty nice neighborhood. Quiet. Nothing ever happens, until now.”

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who sought to assure that police will protect tipsters’ identities, said the double murder leaves him outraged and puzzled.

“I have to ask the question, ‘Where did the perpetrator get the guns? What was the issue? Was it drugs?’ Some people seem to say it’s drugs,” Menino told the Herald. “Why do some of these folks who get arrested on Tuesday are able to be out on the streets on Thursday? It’s a revolving door. We’ve got to stop the revolving door.”

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