June 13, 2024

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Menino's pick to coordinate Urban League convention: Julie Burns

Mayor Menino encouraged Darnell Williams to hire Julie Burns to manage the convention. Burns previously coordinated the DNC in 2004.  Burns is the former Director of Boston’s Arts, Tourism and Special Events. She resigned shortly after a discrimination suit against her was paid out for $38,000.

julie burns

Burns: New job not tied to suit; ‘Personal, professional decision’
By Stephen Kurkjian, Special To The Reporter
Aug. 19, 2010

The Menino administration’s outgoing arts chief strongly denies that her decision to resign earlier this month had anything to do with the city’s settlement of discrimination suit against her in April.

Julie A. Burns, who has served as a top deputy to Menino since 1998 and as director of the city’s Office of Arts, Tourism and Special Events for more than four years, said, in a written statement, “After 12 years of serving the city of Boston in various roles, I have made a personal and professional decision to accept a tremendous opportunity at a highly-respected MA business.”

Julie Burns, director of Arts, Tourism and Special Events for the city.

The Reporter disclosed in last week’s edition that the city had quietly agreed to pay $38,000 to Michelle Baxter, former director of the city’s Strand Theatre, to settle Baxter’s complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination that Burns had fired her because of alleged racial bias.

FROM: http://www.dotnews.com/2010/burns-new-job-not-tied-suit-personal-professional-decision

In this article from 2006 Burns is quoted saying “The city of Boston and its leaders have to recognize the fact that Boston has a reputation of not being that welcoming for minorities, but weve made extraordinary gains, said Julie Burns, director of arts, tours and special events in the office of Mayor Thomas M. Menino.”, which is ironic given this was just years before her discrimination suit. It is also interesting to note how long this reshaping of Boston’s image has been in the making.


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