June 22, 2024

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Boston Mayor’s Race: And then there were 15

Boston Mayor 2013 - whos out 2

Boston Mayor’s Race: And then there were 15

With the recent reports of Will Dorcena becoming the first casualty failing to reach the 3,000 signature deadline, the field for Boston Mayor has been narrowed again. Out of the original 24 candidates for Mayor of Boston only 16 turned in the required minimum of 3,000 signatures to continue in the race.  Dorcena’s departure leaves 15 in the race. The field will continue to shrink over the next few weeks as signatures are “verified” removing duplicates and checking voter status, leaving only valid signatures and valid candidates.

Here is a graphic of all 24 original contenders indicating who got eliminated.
Eliminated on May 21st deadline first round marked with Red X.
Eliminated after May 21st deadline; during signature verification process marked with Blue X.

Boston Mayor 2013 - whos out 2

Here is a graphic of who is now left in the Mayor’s race…. The Final 15

Boston Mayor 2013 - 15 left

Here is a graphic which shows the candidates of color versus their all-white, all-male opponents.
With Dorcena’s departure we lose a candidate of color, leaving only 7.

Boston Mayor 2013 - black white 2

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