May 19, 2024

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Mental Health Paraprofessional Training Program at RCC

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The Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts announces

“The Mental Health Paraprofessional Training Program”
at Roxbury Community College

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Dr. Omar Reid

Dr. Omar Reid, President  of the Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts said “We are proud of the partnership we have forged with Workforce Development at Roxbury Community College along with University of Massachusetts (Boston) to be able to establish this new opportunity to provide Mental Health Paraprofessional Training at Roxbury Community College for the Summer and Fall of 2013”.  

Reid also stated, “We believe our mental health paraprofessional training program may actually be the first ever created by a black mental health organization in Massachusetts and possibly nationally”. Reid thanked his BMHAM team, along with Morisset Saint-Preux, Assistant Dean, Workforce Development Programs, Division of Continuing Education. He also gave a special thanks to Luciano Ramos, Dr. Cuf Ferguson and Dr. Jemadari Kamara  from the University of Massachusetts at Boston for their work to develop a model training program which creates opportunities for minority groups to enter into the mental health profession, while simultaneously creating thousands of much needed job opportunities for Massachusetts.

“Because there is such a shortage of culturally competent workers within the mental health field, at this time, the Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts is assisting with job placement for all graduates who successfully complete the Mental Health Paraprofessional Training program at Roxbury Community College.  Diversifying and expanding the mental health profession to be reflective of the population served is a long overdue necessity.  The long term effects of this historic step will no doubt increase the  quality and effectiveness of mental health care offered to minority communities.”

Register today….

Class registration began April 1, and continues through May 24 for Summer Classes that begin June 3, 2013! This two-semester long training program consists of classroom instruction and training (phase one), and an internship component with a BMHAM member agency (phase 2). This training focuses on skill building for paraprofessional positions under the current Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) such as Therapeutic Mentoring (TM) and Therapeutic Training and Support (TT&S). Trainees will also be introduced to the Community Support Program (CSP), an adult service program. Enrollment Requirements: High school/GED along with successful interview to further assess the student’s ability to work in the mental health field.

Contact for registration

For more information, contact  Dr. Omar Reid, Email:

Also, call (857) 615-8603.  Contact information for all Roxbury Community College workforce development programs: Morisset Saint-Preux Assistant Dean, Division of Continuing Education Phone: 617-541-5306; Email:; Web:


About The Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts, Inc.

The Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts, Inc., (BMHAM) is the leading organization working to promote parity and justice in mental health services while actively eliminating disparities in mental health services in Massachusetts. We serve as an informational and educational resource to our individual and business members.

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