June 19, 2024

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Mayoral Candidate Bill Walczak releases Education plan

bill walczak

Editor’s note: The Blackstonian has not endorsed any candidate for Mayor. We will feature any candidate who releases concrete plans only as a means to inform our network and enable them to research their potential choices.

bill walczak
Blueprint for Transforming Boston’s Educational Systems

My goal is for Boston to have all high quality schools. I believe the surest route to achieve that goal is to maximize autonomies for all public schools while holding them simultaneously accountable for ensuring equity. Autonomies must include budgeting, hiring, and scheduling. Equity must include genuinely serving students who are English language learners, have special needs and/or are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

School central administration will be evaluated and the resources and best leaders will be based and supported at the school level where teachers can work with principals to have the greatest impact on closing the achievement gap for every student in Boston.

To make Boston the greatest educational city in the country, we must marshal all partners, resources and ideas to ensure that every child, from birth, is learning. This can only be done if we break down barriers between health care, education, business and social services, and instead unite around specific goals such as universal quality pre-school education.

My platform will focus on four areas:

  • Universal Pre-School Education
  • Reading on Grade Level
  • Accelerating Reform to Create More Excellent Schools
  • Changing our High Schools to Ensure Post-Secondary Success


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