May 19, 2024

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Send a Father’s Day Message to Gov. Patrick about Shared Parenting



With Father’s Day approaching, we’d like to request our National Parents Organization members and encourage supporters to send a Personal Father’s Day Message to Governor Deval Patrick’s office regarding the importance of shared parenting for a child after separation or divorce.

The Governor’s Task Force on family law is completing its work. This is one more chance to tell him what the children of Massachusetts need.

With over 5,000 members strong in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Please take 5-8 minutes and do the following 3 action items:

  • Draft a 2 paragraph message conveying how current Commonwealth of Massachusetts Custody Laws have negatively affected your child’s access to both parents equally. – Clear and concise is best here!
  • Attach a picture of you & your child. – VERY IMPORTANT PART!!!
  • Email Governor Deval Patrick

Please send your emails – and get friends and family to email. Start now and keep building to Father’s Day weekend.

In closing, just imagine what kind of message 5,000 emails will send to the Governor if we all do our part… Simply put, we can do something or we can do nothing!

Thank you and let’s make some noise!

PS If we can get 1,000 photos to the Governor, we can get media coverage.

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