June 19, 2024

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Boston Police Officer with Swastika Tattoo?!?!?


Boston Police Officer with Swastika Tattoo?!?!?


The Blackstonian has heard multiple eyewitness reports that allege that there is a BPD Officer who was brought here from Lowell by BPD Commissioner Ed Davis (formerly of Lowell) who sports a swastika tattoo on his arm.

The Blackstonian is calling for an investigation into this matter IMMEDIATELY.

If true, this is an an affront to all citizens of the City of Boston.  The swastika is recognized globally as a symbol of hate. Furthermore, tattoos of this kind are hints of gang affiliations with white supremacist hate groups such as Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, KKK and Aryan Nation.  These classifications are are done by law enforcement across the country to identify gang & hate group affiliations and are routinely done upon arrest or incarceration and normally photographed and cataloged.

If in fact there is a BPD Officer out of C-11 who sports a swastika tattoo we need to be concerned about potential security risks as white supremacist groups across the US have bragged about their ability to infiltrate law enforcement as police & corrections officers as well as the Armed Forces.

“Perhaps more disturbingly, neo-Nazis were trying to infiltrate law enforcement agencies, according to a 2006 FBI report devoted to the subject. “White supremacist presence among law enforcement personnel is a concern due to the access they may possess to restricted areas vulnerable to sabotage and to elected officials or protected persons, whom they could see as potential targets for violence,” click here for full article
-Salon Aug. 2012

The Blackstonian calls for the IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of this or any other officer or civilian personnel who may have such tattoos.  This is not only an outrage to all Jewish people but to ALL people of good conscience.  The Nazi regime not only killed at least 6 million Jews, but additionally targeted and carried out the extermination of Blacks, Gays/Lesbians, “Gypsies”, Mentally Challenged, Disabled and any other so called “undesirables” in the furtherance of creating a “pure society” of the Aryan “uber-race”.

The Blackstonian is calling for an investigation and termination of this officer
if these reports are confirmed based on the following:

* Gang Affiliation: Any officer who sports tattoos of known gangs who currently conduct criminal and violent activities should be terminated immediately.  All Prisons and Police Departments in the US have identified the swastika as an indicator oh white supremacist gang affiliation.  Can you be an officer of the law and in a gang at the same time? Would a Black officer be allowed to sport a Blood or Crip tattoo? Would a Latino officer be allowed to sport a MS-13 tattoo? Would an Asian officer be allowed to sport a Triad tattoo?

* White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement: The FBI has determined that this is a real threat since at least 2006 that many white supremacist organizations have used infiltration of law enforcement as a two-fold tactic to obtain information and intelligence and in the performance of their duty to act on their racist philosophies to further oppress Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, LGBT and even white people who they view as “race traitors.”

* Even in the case of tattoo removal: We are sure that as the officer gets wind of this that if he has any common sense or intelligent advisers he would get the offending tattoo removed in a bid to ward off bad press and protect his career.  Laser tattoo removals are a lengthy procedure and visible for weeks while healing. This highlights the need for a quick investigation because even if the tattoo is removed, the sentiment remains.

* This must be investigated by an outside authority: Based on History we have no confidence that if this officer is brought before Suffolk County DA Dan Conley that there would be anything but leniency.  DA Conley has shown time and time again via his record that his relationship with the BPD makes him incapable of being partial and fair.

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