April 24, 2024

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Peaceful Protester Pepper Sprayed By State Police In Boston

Blackstonian Fam Kin Moy was attending protests in Boston when he was pepper-sprayed in the face.  The incident has been posted on youtube now going viral and reported by several television and newspaper outlets.

From Channel 4: Protester Kin Moy says he was pepper sprayed by a state trooper and caught the incident on video: http://cbsloc.al/1yYKbdJ

From Kin Moy:
I was filming some arrests that were unnecessarily forceful and aggressive, and I tried to catch when an officer threatened to run us over with his motorcycle. Unfortunately, that footage was lost but one of the cops was pissed that I was filming so he threatened to spray me. I blocked the first shot with my phone, but that second shot got me clean. Ouch!

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