June 19, 2024

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City Must Help Residents It Buried With Snow

The City of Boston has been hit with an unprecedented amount of snow this season.  While crews are working almost around the clock it just doesn’t seem to be enough.  Main streets are beginning to be recognizable but many of the side streets have been completely covered making parking almost impossible, and travelling for children, elderly and disabled is difficult if not dangerous.

The worst cases in my neighborhood is when a resident bust his/her hump to clear out a space and then a city plow comes along and puts a small mountain range on the side of your car, which if not caught almost immediately freezes into the mini-Himalayas and becomes very difficult to dig out.  We have all felt the frustration of that 6 inch – 1 foot mountain the plows leave.  Imagine your frustration if a city plow however put a 10 foot high mountain of snow in front of your house and driveway.

This happened to one of our Blackstonian Family who lives on Hutchings street off of Humboldt Ave.  The problem is his house happens to be right in front of the T-shaped intersection connecting it with a small side street.  When the plows come through to clean the side street, they push all the snow forward, leaving a huge mountain directly in front of this home.  Not only does it make parking impossible and increase shoveling for the resident, but it also creates a safety hazard for a home where elderly live and children routinely visit.

Several calls have been made to the Mayor’s Hotline, (617-635-4500) but as of yet the mountain remains and with more snow coming the family expects that it will only grow and perhaps become a temporary part of their homefront until it melts.  The Blackstonian urges the city to remedy this situation and alert plow drivers to use extra caution when plowing side streets and leaving piles in front of other properties.

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