March 03, 2024

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For many of us, it has gotten to that point in our lives where we have to start acting like an adult. I get it, it sucks, but making this change is imperative. Know why? Because without making these strides now, it will be insanely painful to do at a later time. Just look at those 45 year olds living with their parents still…

Now I am in NO way talking down on anyone living with their parents because truth be told I live with my mom too. I have even accepted it at this point, having read an article in Forbes a couple weeks ago stating that in order to live on your own in Boston you have to at least be making two thousand dollars every two weeks. This reality baffled me but not just that, it humbled me. It made me stop stressing about where I THOUGHT I was supposed to be. It is ok not to be exactly where you anticipated to be, that is just life. All you can do is work hard, and make sure your affairs are in order. At least as orderly as you can get them.

I feel that I have developed a system of apps that help me keep my life organized. I am definitely a person of lists, but the apps I am about to speak about have helped me in more ways than one. Bills are just too stressful to bear unless you are completely prepared for them. Life is also insanely overwhelming, but imagine how much calmer you will be with a bit more organization. So without further delay, here are the apps that I use most frequently to get my life…




This app is #1 on the list because I believe that it is the most important. As a list GOD I can say that this app is the best on the market. It is very easy to use, and you can even rate the urgency for each thing you list. I found this really helpful this past semester just simply helping me remember my simple daily tasks. MUST DOWNLOAD.



Sleep Cycle is a very interesting app in itself. You use it by activating your alarm for the next morning, flipping your phone over and drifting to sleep. Your phone then gets to business and tracks your breathing, movements, and heart rate. By the next morning you are being woken up at your highest consciousness, and you are given a graph of how you slept through the night. I really like this app because it was helpful when trying to get myself back into an effective sleep schedule. It always made sure I got the most efficient sleep!



Prism is an amazing app that links to all of the people you pay your bills to on a monthly basis. They link with the companies, and send you notifications when payment is due, and when you have completed your payment for the month. This app is perfect for me because I cannot remember when to pay bills for the life of me. This app makes it so that if I am not early I am on time with paying.



Square cash is the literal business. Let’s say you’re starving and it is lunch time, and you just had a 3 hour long chem lab. Your card is overdrawn because your a broke college student living on a homeless wage, so you shoot your mom a text and ask her to pipe over twenty bills so you can go ham in the caf. A regular money transfer app would allow the money to pass through, but only after holding it for as long as physically possible. Square cash on the other hand makes the transfer right away, and believe it or not, the money will be on your card that same day or the following day. No more starvation. Your welcome.



I wanted to let you guys know about these two accounts because they are pretty awesome. So….One time I was so bad with my money that I ruined like 3 bank accounts. I know, I am the worst. Long story short I ran into the dilemma of figuring out a place to hold my money. Because I am a millennial, and know how to use the internet to do everything, I looked into small scale offshore accounts that I could use as savings. To my surprise there weren’t many, but there were about 5 accredited banks that also had apps. I looked into each one, and came out with these two being the best, in my opinion. So, if you are looking for an account to help you save, I would look into these apps. You can download they either in the google play store, or in the apple store. Both track your transactions with a news feed and constant notifications. It has honestly helped me keep track of my money, and start to pay attention to the things I purchase.



I WISH I was aware of my credit before now. I was never told anything about it. If I could do it all over again I would be a lot more mindful of my credit score from a younger age. Things are a lot easier when you are younger. You have NO bills, most of the time, and you can actually think straight. Credit is something you work at, so why not download credit karma and start getting right.




is social networking for grownups. At least that is what I interpret it as. It is a place where you merge your social image with your network and career. I love the concept, and think it is a very important tool to have as well as a resume. Some jobs are using Linkedin accounts now instead of resumes, so why not be prepared.



Indeed is one of my favorite sites ever. All you do is upload your resume, create an account, and then you can just apply to jobs simply by clicking on them. I have spoken so much about this site on THB, you guys probably know all about it. But for those of you who have never heard of it, get hip.



The definition of google drive is convenience. There is nothing better than being able to access any document in your arsenal at the click of an app. Stay prepared all of the time with docs at your fingertips. Perfect for school and work!



I love the google app because it works to aid your everyday life. It pays close attention to the places you frequent, where you live, the weather, traffic, and just about anything that can hinder your day. It lets you know all of this information customized to you just by downloading. The minute it is installed it begins getting to know you and your schedule. It is nice to know more information throughout the day to stay on top of everything that you have to do.

For all of the discouraged college students out here, IT GETS BETTER! The faster we learn how to stay on top of our lives, the easier our lives will become. If you are an app junkie like me and know of any other apps for productivity let me know! I am always looking for new apps to fill up all of my iphone space with!

Hope this was helpful & thanks for reading!


Writer of The Happiness Blog Jazzy is a Student in the City of Boston blogging all things fashion, lifestyle & inspo. @BEHAPS
Writer of The Happiness Blog Jazzy is a Student in the City of Boston blogging all things fashion, lifestyle & inspo. @BEHAPS

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