June 23, 2024

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National State of Cannabis for People of Color 4/25 6-9pm

Free seminar for the Boston-area POC community focused on the medical cannabis industry in Massachusetts, the possible legalization of marijuana, and how to get involved in the future legal marijuana industry. The evening was created in response to the clear need for involvement of communities of color in the advocacy efforts regarding cannabis and how to participate in the cannabis market being created in Massachusetts. 
The event will have two panels: one focused on the current state of affairs nationally with an overview of the legal landscape and industry, and the other will center on the future in Massachusetts: the relevant law, regulations, and industry opportunities within the state, and how to get involved. Tickets are free, but you must RSVP for a ticket. See tinyurl.com/shadesofgreenBOS for more details.
Presented by Supernova: A Space for Women of Color in Cannabis

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