June 18, 2024

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Dr. Sebi was light. He told us that we were made of the same minerals as Mother Earth. He gave us a way to see things for what they really are as opposed to what we have been sold. He quite literally gave us back our power. My gratitude for his message is limitless.


Prior to following his Nutritional Guide and using his compounds I had severe mineral deficiencies that resulted in acne, depression, digestive issues, constipation, joint pain and inflammation. These issues remained and intensified even as a traditional Vegan. Dr. Sebi’s methodology is “beyond vegan”. It is the African Bio Mineral Balance – a modality for all people.



By our societies parameters of healthy eating, I would have continued to wear my body down until additional issues developed. Dr. Sebi’s methodology saved me from being overweight, sick and in pain. This is why I am an Advocate of the African Bio Mineral Balance and will share my knowledge of this modality with anyone who is interested in learning how to eat to live.

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I will not speculate on the circumstances surrounding his passing. I would prefer to use my energies to empower people to embrace a more conscious path of eating to improve their mind, body, soul connection. He has provided us with knowledge that must not be lost.



Our college, Brother Zee Malachi, went to Dr. Sebi’s office in LA after his passing and observed the office to be functioning efficiently and with love. He has assured us that production of Dr. Sebi’s compounds are still efficient and that new equipment will be purchased shortly to improve the compound creating process. It would behoove all of us who respect Dr. Sebi’s legacy to continue to be diligent in observing that Dr. Sebi’s intent remains in tact.To gain understanding about who Dr. Sebi was and what he stands for, hear it directly from him on Youtube. Many of his video and audio recordings as well as detailed breakdowns of his method are available on the Advocates for Dr. Sebi website.

I leave you with a recent video from his best friend, Mel, in which he shares the circumstances of Dr. Sebi’s incarceration and untimely passing. He was one of the last people to see him alive. But he will live in all our hearts forever!


Rest in Power, Dr. Sebi. Thank you for saving my life.

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About The Author

Kelly Keelo is the co-founder of Juice Hugger & A Healthy Crush LLC. She is an African Bio Mineral Balance Advocate. She is co-author & graphic designer of the Mucus Free Food Detox and Beyond Vegan. She is the Brand Architect for both brands as well as a Lifestyle Coach to many of her customers.

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