May 19, 2024

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Boston Police Department Community Demands


  • Initiate and implement an administrative department-wide directive and focus on training with a special emphasis on street patrol and gang task force officers to acknowledge and re-commit duty to adhere to current policy and law
  • Address and abandon BPD’s historic defensive stance, denial and reluctance to address a pattern, culture and evidenced mindset within the BPD; continued dismissal of community critique, experiences and numerous public scandals.
  • Address and abandon the now further exposed undercurrent of antagonistic behavior and tactics including; taunting, provoking, disrespect and racially coded banter to Black and Brown residents, particularly Black & Latino males.
  • Address and abandon the use of random stops to escalate and interrogate, which confirm the ACLU “Black, Brown and Targeted” (2014) and other previously disputed studies.
  • Initiate and implement increased transparency in internal affairs and follow through in disciplinary and investigative process.
  • Enhance and strengthen the CO-OP (Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel).
  • Establish a Civilian Review Board.
  • Charge and empower the Social Justice Task Force to include new members and to develop and implement a meaningful and tangible plan for achieving social and racial justice.

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