May 30, 2024

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Blackstonian Endorsement: Ayanna Pressley for Congress

Blackstonian Endorsement: Ayanna Pressley for Congress

Ayanna Pressley 7th Congressional District

As I am sure you have heard by now, Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressley is running for Congress against incumbent Michael Capuano. There has been much press about this campaign questioning if there is a clear distinction between the two and if now is the time. In what I found to be a misguided act even high profile members of the Congressional Black Caucus voiced their support for Capuano. Locally, Twelfth Baptist Church even had Congressman John Lewis openly campaigning for Capuano. I found this shameful in a city where developing Black political power is so critical as we grin and grind from the bottom of most indicators. To those that question the timing, Ayanna’s slogan appropriately answers “Change can’t wait.” I support Ayanna Pressley for Congress her voice and perspective is clearly missing and sorely needed.

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